5 Customer Analytics Mistakes You Can Overcome Right Now

Turn customer analytics from a promising idea into contact center excellence.

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Date: February 14, 2018

Time: 2pm ET / 11am PT / 6pm GMT

Duration: 1 Hour

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About this Webinar

Given that we’re in the age of customer centricity, it should come as no surprise that 99% of companies identify customer analytics as “important” to the customer experience.

Unfortunately, many make critical mistakes with their customer intelligence initiatives. This webinar will distance you from that crowd – and help you become one of the select few that harness the true power of analytics.

Backed by exclusive research and cross-industry case studies, the webinar will reveal how to turn “customer analytics” from a promising idea into a surefire ticket to contact center excellence. You’ll know your customers, empower your agents, and achieve unprecedented results. 

Topics include:

Revenue Enterprises prides itself on exceptionally trained staff, utilization of the latest technologies, customer service excellence, the flexibility to meet our clients’ ongoing needs, and an unwavering commitment to compliance adherence. To achieve their mission of service excellence and compliance, the company focuses on call quality monitoring, monitoring for agent performance, and meeting compliance standards. Manual monitoring constrained REL to reviewing a small sample of conversations. Implementing CallFinder’s SaaS speech analytics and scorecard solution allows Revenue Enterprises to improve accuracy of their quality monitoring efforts, and apply quality monitoring on a much greater scale by automatically analyzing and categorizing 100% of their client’s conversations. With CallFinder, Revenue Enterprises immediately discovered agent performance gaps and implemented coaching initiatives to course-correct, ensuring that their agents deliver against the company’s mission of exceptional customer experiences and regulatory compliance on behalf of their clients.

Brian Cantor
Principal Analyst & CCW Digital Director

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This webinar is presented by:

Tips for distinguishing between “good” and “bad” customer data

How to turn raw data into actionable contact center intelligence

Why analytics is the key to improving agent performance

Top 5 mistakes organizations make with customer analytics – and how to fix them

Case Study

Cliff LaCoursiere
Vice President at CallFinder

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Karie Snyder
Vice President of Operations and Compliance at Revenue Enterprises

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